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Everything You Need to Know About the Anfield Stadium Expansion

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Anfield Stadium, the home of English giants Liverpool FC, offers arguably the most stunning atmosphere in the country. The stadium is currently undergoing expansion, but it should be completed soon. Anfield Stadium’s expansion includes the addition of 7000 seats in the Anfield Road Stand, including 5200 general admission seats and 1800 hospitality seats.

Anfield Stadium expansion timeline

2014 - Liverpool Football Club announced initial plans to expand Anfield Stadium and improve its facilities.

2015 - The necessary permissions were granted for the expansion of the Main Stand.

2016 - Construction begins on the Main Stand expansion. It was completed the same year, increasing Anfield's capacity to 54,074.

2017 - Plans were later announced to expand the Anfield Road Stand, but construction began only in 2021.

2023 - Anfield’s capacity increased to 61,015, with new seats added.

Anfield Stadium expansion cost

Liverpool knew expanding Anfield was going to be costly. The total cost of the Anfield Stadium expansion is estimated at around £114 million, with £75 million going into the Main Stand and £80 million into the Anfield Road Stand. The club has secured funding through club revenues, commercial deals, and loans. They have also issued shares to fans to raise money for the project.

The expansion will significantly improve the club's finances. The heightened capacity not only boosts revenue from matchday tickets and hospitality but also enables the club to charge higher prices for corporate boxes and secure more lucrative sponsorship deals.

Anfield Stadium expansion plan

The Anfield Stadium Expansion ends with the redeveloped Anfield Road Stand. The ongoing project aims to improve the fan experience, whilst retaining the unique atmosphere inside the stadium. Here's an overview of the expansion project for the Anfield Road Stand.

Stadium capacity

Stadium capacity

The Anfield Road Stand expansion will elevate Anfield's capacity to over 61,000, incorporating an additional 7,000 seats. This includes 5,200 general admission seats and approximately 1,800 seats featuring sports bar lounge/hospitality facilities.

Fan experience

Fan experience

Retaining Anfield’s unique atmosphere was key while expanding the stadium. As part of the new design, the lower tier is retained and refurbished, while a new upper tier is built above it. The four individual stands are also retained to reflect the stadium’s evolution. Anfield Road Stand’s new design includes improved concourses, a hospitality lounge, and relocation of the Family Park to a covered position.

Seating and accessibility

Seating and accessibility

Anfield continues to be a fully-seated stadium, with specific accommodations for fans with mobility issues. Dedicated accessible entrances have been constructed for both home and away supporters, leading to new wheelchair tribunes. These tribunes feature companion seats designed according to approved standards.

Anfield Stadium Expansion Completion

Anfield Stadium Expansion Completion Date

Liverpool are in the final stages of the Anfield Stadium Expansion project. The Anfield Road Stand’s upper tier is expected to open in the New Year, although the club hasn’t confirmed the opening date.

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Frequently asked questions about Anfield Stadium expansion

What is the purpose of the Anfield Stadium Expansion?

The Anfield Stadium Expansion aims to increase the stadium's capacity, enhancing the fan experience and generating additional revenue for the club.

What is the capacity of the Main Stand at Anfield Stadium?

Anfield Stadium's Main Stand capacity will increase to over 54,000 after the expansion.

What will Anfield Stadium's capacity be when finished?

Anfield Stadium's capacity will increase to over 61,000 when it is finished.

How many seats will be added through the expansion?

The expansion will add 7,000 seats, comprising 5,200 general admission seats and around 1,800 seats with sports bar lounge/hospitality facilities.

Will Anfield remain a fully-seated stadium after the expansion?

Yes, Anfield will continue to be a fully-seated stadium, maintaining its iconic atmosphere.

Are there provisions for fans with mobility issues?

Yes, dedicated accessible entrances have been built for both home and away fans, leading to new wheelchair tribunes with adjacent companion seats designed to approved standards.

How will the expansion impact matchday revenue?

The increased capacity is expected to boost matchday revenue significantly through additional ticket sales and enhanced hospitality offerings.

Is there a timeline for the completion of the expansion project?

Specific timelines may vary, but ongoing efforts are being made to ensure a timely and efficient completion of the Anfield Stadium Expansion.

How will the expansion impact the overall fan experience at Anfield?

The expansion is designed to improve the overall fan experience by providing more supporters with the opportunity to witness matches live and enjoy upgraded facilities.